Tuesday, October 25, 2022

The Ephemeral, Vaporous Black Caped Beings Are Back

 Remember in the movie Ghost?

Right after Carl has met his end by being impaled by a massive falling shard of window glass?

Remember, then an entity, apparently Carl's spirit was beset and gathered up in the arms of a hoard of ephemeral, vaporous black-caped beings that had risen out of the sewers?

It turns out that the movie had a lot of foresight.

Maricopa County republicans have unleashed their cadre of ephemeral, vaporous camo-clad beings to accost the practicing voters of the greater Phoenix area.

Carl was kind of a bad guy; the voters of Maricopa County are mostly good guys just trying to exercise their citizens' right to vote.

But republicans really don't want that shit going on around there in their county. 

So they have deployed their goons.

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