Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Lowering Gray Day In Paris; But Beautiful Notwithstanding

Today I just screwed around with computer stuff until shower time, had no breakfast, and then, after that shower, when the time came to leave, took off on a walk designed to use two hours and terminate at Le Depart Saint Michel for lunch.

First I headed down rue Guénégaud to rue de Seine and up a rue whose name I never can remember but that leads to my ATMs of choice on Boulevard Saint Germain.

The exchange rate dropped so low day before yesterday that I decided it was time to take advantage of it.

On the way I encountered a definite indicator of the upscale nature of my quartier.

paris 2016 tesla at the pump 121816 00000

The next thing that moved me and my shutter was down on the river level quai.

I have looked at this tree for years; today I decided to take its picture.

paris 2016 tree on the quai 121816 00000

Pont de la Concorde caused shutter twitch next.

paris 2016 under pont de la concorde 121816 00000

Then la tour bracketed was just too good to pass up.

paris 2016 tour eiffel through the gold lions 121816 00000

A little later there was a nice jumble of cotoneaster; I like cotoneaster.

paris 2016 cotoneaster on the quai  121816 00000

Down a way I decided to walk over to le Petit Palais and get a picture of Sir Winston; I haven’t taken his picture for a couple of years or more.

paris 2016 sir winston 121816 00000

I kept on to Pont de l’Alma where I crossed back across the river to start back toward Le Depart and lunch; I was getting quite hungry, having forgone any breakfast.

When I got to Les Berges some birds jumped up and demanded to have their pictures taken.

paris 2016 merle noire at les berges 121816 00000

paris 2016 merle noire at les berges 121816 00001

And just outside of the barge that I was on was a green headed kibitzer.

paris 2016 mallard duck watching at les berges 121816 00000

And then I kept going at a high rate of speed to Le Depart Saint Michel.

paris 2016 at le depart st michel 121816 00000

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