Monday, December 12, 2016

Book Ends To The Day: Notre Dame

When I went out for bread this morning I was amazed to discover that it was calm, not frigid, and blue-sky-sunny; it was beautiful.

That’s not what The Weather Channel that I had been consulting on-line in the apartment had been saying was happening.

But there have been a lot of other weather reality disparities of that sort already in this sojourn, so I just chalked this disparity up to information lag time.

But I also set my day’s walking agenda based on real time go-for-bread-out-on-rue-de Bucci information.

I decided to walk the Promenade Plantee to Bois Vincennes and then come back on Avenue Daumesnil which parallels the Promenade.

I have never walked back from that route down Daumesnil; I always take the Metro back – to Le Depart.

Today it seemed that I wanted to walk as much of the daylight hours as was possible; the weather, after all, was good.

That walk would be about four hours I thought.

Unlike yesterday, I had some things that moved me to take images early in the traverse.

As soon as I took the steps down to river level I began to feel images is the offing.

First was Notre Dame - what a surprise.

paris 2016 notre dame again 121116 00000

Then there was a boat.

paris 2016 bateau au Seine 121116 00000

At Bastille I did the best I could with the gold guy up on top: the sun was on his ass, so I took the picture from that angle.

paris 2016 statue at la bastille 121116 00000

And after I got up on the promenade I got a good picture of a female Merle Noire eating holly berries.

paris 2016 female merle noire 121116 00000

I didn’t take any more images until much later in the day when I was coming back on Avenue Daumesnil and looked up at the sky; “amazing”, I said to no one in particular.


And then as I got to the back end, back down the river level quai toward home, the lady, our lady, Notre Dame, looked pretty good in the westering sun.

paris 2016 notre dame again 121116 00001

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