Sunday, December 11, 2016

Some Birds, Some Berries And A Rat

It was grey and grim but  I decided that sunshine lacking was trumped by the fact that I had left over chicken; so eating a sandwich poulet at Parc Montsourris became the plan for the day.

I didn’t see anything that moved me to take pictures en rout; that was unusual; Avenue RenĂ© Coty almost always bristles with image gathering opportunities.

But after I had settled in on a bench at the edge of the lake all that changed: I heard the squawks of some parrots; I looked up to see where the sound was coming from just as a flock of nine or ten settled into a big gingko tree across the lake from me.

They settled in in three separate groups at the very top of the tree; just below them I noticed, were some cormorants; and I swear, as the bedlam of shrieking commenced, the cormorants looked up at the green things making all that noise with what, even at my extreme distance, appeared to be looks of disbelieving amazement.

Since I had my little Sony camera with the 30 power optical zoom I decided to try to take pictures which I normally wouldn't attempt.

Here are two of them; they aren’t great but they supplement the story pretty well; and, after all, I was a measurable fraction of a mile away from their roost.

paris 2016 parc montsourris cormorants 121016 00000

paris 2016 parc montsourris parrots 121016 00001

After lunch I walked around the lake and saw these berries popping out of their protective husks.

paris 2016 parc montsourris orange berries 121016 00000

And on the way home, in the little park behind the entrance to the catacombs, I saw one of the locals scurrying to and fro.

paris 2016 rat ont the route 121016 00000

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  1. Are you no longer sending the photos as an email? Beautiful berries. Is that a member of Ratatouille's clan?