Thursday, December 22, 2016

As The Days Get Longer

I didn’t go out “officially” (officially is that time of day after any trips to the marché or to Carrefour for supplies precede real and serious attempts to hit the streets and take some images) until about 1430 today.

It rained overnight, all night, and didn’t stop until about 1000 here; the rain made the air so clear and clean it didn’t seem like Paris; I waited until it quit to go out.

Since I didn’t get up until 0915 I didn’t have to do pretend work in the apartment very long.

About 1045 I went out and went to my Thursday Market and replenished my olives and bought a baguette and headed back to the apartment.

But before I departed the Thursday Market I decided to walk up Boulevard St Germain and see if I could find a place that sold drinking glasses that might host a Bloody Mary.

I didn’t find any.

Then I decided to go to Carrefour and buy some of the Bloody Mary makings even though I didn’t have any glasses big enough to make a drink.

I thought Carrefour, being what it is, might have something that would work for glasses.

They did; I found PLASTIC glasses that were marginally of a size to support a Bloody Mary; I bought two; I am still going to look for glass glasses before 25 December happens.

So  - having found les verres de Bloody Mary - I then bought all the other stuff I would need for my Christmas morning breakfast drinks.


I can’t find celery seeds or Lee and Perrins; I am probably doomed to disappointment resulting from the quality of the drinks that I am going to make.

But I will make the best of it.

As I was walking along the left quai of Isle de Saint Louis I saw a swan.

I see lots of swans, and I take pictures of some of them; but I usually don’t feel some sort of connection with any of them

This one was different; he or she was just too beautiful to pass up.

So you get several images of that bird.




When I got back up on the mainland I had to take a picture of a street sign.

paris 2016 street sign 122216 00000


And then, after crossing back over at Pont de Austerlitz, as I was heading back down to river level, as I passed the cop dock, I heard some parrots making noise; sure enough – two this time – a pair maybe, landed outside the knot hole where the one bird posed for me several weeks ago.

I think the one in this picture is a male.

The other one was definitely female.

I wish I could be here in the spring; I have never seen baby parrots.

paris 2016 une perruche de paris 122216 00000

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