Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Brief History Of The World




Et cetera.

We know a lot about them.

But there are a lot of humans about which we don’t know much.

The Celts, for example – and those people may be the most significantly forgotten members of the human race; but, as I said, we don’t know much about them.

The highway system of Europe is thought to be laid down on the old Celt roads,

But, who knows?

We seem to know quite a bit about about the Etruscans, the Carthaginians, the Mongols, the Gauls,

The recurring theme, though, that anyone paying attention might notice, is that too much of the resource base of the planet has fallen into the hands of too few humans.

And that windfall has always been to the benefit of men; it is always men.

Hitler for example.

Or, maybe more accurately, Hitler had a pretty vast resource available and he he deployed it with malevolence.

Who cares; the results were catastrophic.

So, with the fact that we don’t know a whole lot about a whole lot – of human history – here is my brief history.

Greece was the first to become noticeably educated in what is now called Europe.

Most of that thinking subsequently migrated to Egypt at Alexandria – the Phare – the lighthouse.

Rome inherited Greek thinking, linked it with economics (trade) and warfare and ruled the world for a noticeable period.

When Rome fell chaos reigned: the best example being that the French language is thought to have been distilled from Latin in the North Eastern trenches of the 300’s.

Over centuries some dominant wannabe replacements for Rome emerged.

But none of them had the ability to replace Rome.

Seventeen centuries of wars and bloodshed ensued in the pursuit of being the replacement for Rome.

But it never happened

Replacing Rome.

But across the Atlantic there were some English settlers in a vast wilderness, and lots of other people not of English heritage who just kept going forward, pretending that they were a real country.

In 1787 those people ratified a document that has made them the greatest assembly of humans in the history of humanity.

Subsequently those people have fulfilled the function that Britain used to provide to the European Continent: balance of power.

America made the difference in two world (European) wars.

Wilson was inept and didn’t get done what needed to be done at the end of the first one.

Roosevelt and Truman were quick studies; they made sure that America could control events in Europe, paramount of those events being the eternal staving off Russia’s never ending desire to cross the Pyrenees.

Roosevelt and Truman got the deal done.

The deal was pretty simple; the U.S. will put all the money that needs to be put into the project to avoid future catastrophic European wars.

And, oh by the way, we want to have an American/European military alliance to back that financial commitment.

And we got that alliance, ratified by the US Senate and signed by Harry Truman in 1947: it is called NATO; it is the most successful military alliance in history

And now we have donnie the fucking moron.

He wants to end the most successful alliance in history and be friends with Russia.

There is strategy; then, to support a strategy, there are tactics; until now no one has ever described an element below a tactic.

There has never been a need for such a concept.

Until now.

I suggest that we use the word travesty.

A travesty is something one does in the absence of a clue, a strategy or tactics.

It can best be described as breaking a lot of eggs without wanting to make an omelet.

Or even knowing what an omelet is.

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