Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Genocide, Micro And Macro 

donnie has always practiced micro genocide.

That’s how he gets rent controlled tenants out of properties that he wants to gentrify and turn to gold.

Micro genocide involves donnie and the Kushners making life so untenable for people living in rent controlled spaces that they fear death or decide to move.

The micro sort of genocide may or may not involve the death of the target; the macro sort, as we all know, is a mass, and maliciously calculated form: and it has only death as its result.

donnie does both.

He and the family of his son in law utilize the micro type as a business practice.

Not all of their victims die.

One would hope.

When they are homeless and on the street they probably find a great American Haven - we all know how that works - so, no damage done.

However and but: most of the Puerto Rican victims of donnie’s macro genocide - al of them American citizens - will die.

Pretty much like the Katarina Crowd.

In New Orleans.

Back with George W.

He was a republican also.

But I think he was just incompetent.

donnie wants to kill “those people”.

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