Sunday, July 1, 2018

“Security” And “Being Safe”

I said in a post here – from Paris a while back – that being safe is tantamount to being dead.

I was thinking of a rhetorical, personal, spiritual even, sort of death; I was not thinking of the physical, stop breathing sort of death.

Sorta like the nausea of Sartre.

At the time I was making fun of the commonly used salutation shared by Americans: “be safe”.

I found it ridiculous for the nation that had conquered a continent, had been to the moon and back numerous times and had in general always said “let’s go for broke” (I know that phrase was confined to a small group of Japanese Americans, but the phrase summed all of us up at the time it was in common use) to have been reduced to being afraid to go out on the street and was more worried about being safe than about being alive.

“What had happened to the spirit of ol’ John Wayne” I wondered.

(I have always thought his hyper aggressive form of looking at things to be ridiculous, but most Americans bought into it as being our Great National Template; how had we come so far away from that viewpoint?)

How had the acolytes of John Wayne dissolved into a sniveling puddle of herded sheep, all in a circle, all bleating “be safe”?

It had something to do with agendas.

It had something to do with control.

It had something to do with breaking the spirit of a fearless and independent people.

It had to do with bringing them into line and turning them into docile Eloi.

Marching under the banner of being safe those people would all go underground to be used by the Morlocks.

And many have joined the Morlocks.

That was the NeoCon agenda.

But that was then; this is now.

Now that the Morlocks reign supreme “national security” is being deployed as the reason for Agenda Supplement One.

Today donnie shrieks“national security” as he plows forward with his program of religious and ethnic cleansing, economic ruination and international diplomatic and political suicide.

“America First” means “America Gone”.

And nobody seems to want to stop it.

I have had a lot of fun writing this.

I have no idea what it means.

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