Sunday, July 7, 2019

I Can’t Get There

Now that the American Women team has won the World Cup donnie will, no doubt invite them to the White House.

I would hope that they decline.

If they do decline there will be an upswelling of death threats, rape threats and shrieking indictments about lack of patriotism from “the base”; “taking a knee” as it has come to be called – previously called genuflecting – has throughout history been an act of reverence; only donnie the dildo could twist it into something that he can make into raw meat to throw to that ravening “base”.

(It is interesting how appropriate that name – “THE BASE” seems when applied to the source of the inevitable outpouring of hate that a declined WHI – White House Invitation – from POTUS – Pissant of the United States – will invoke.)

I can’t see how the team can do anything but decline.

While one might conclude that, since the team is made up of members who are well enough educated to know something of history, and have defendable opinions about international relations and foreign policy, and that being in the presence of – as Rex Tillerson put it a while back – a fucking moron,  and a moron who revels in his ignorance, would make them uncomfortable.

But in that case it would seem to be best to grin and bear it.

Uncomfortable isn’t dangerous.

Morons come and morons go and once out of the presence of one they are imminently forgettable.

But a larger question looms: why would the epitome of young, modern, hyper-talented, hyper intelligent, unleashed woman-hood allow themselves to be in the presence of a self admitted crotch grabbing, multiple times accused rapist, who thinks incest is a normal thing to espouse and is a whore monger?

A pervert moron one might think.

Why would they endanger themselves by going into that “presence”?

I just can’t get there.

I just don’t get it.

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