Sunday, July 21, 2019

More About The Mueller Report

I left town and the Report for a couple of weeks so I haven’t gotten beyond page 250.

Next week I will re-commence reading and finish The Report.

I will wait to draw a summary conclusion until I have finished the document.

But I can say one thing, even at page 250, and say it VERY LOUDLY:

Fat Billie has bet on the fact that nobody will read The Mueller Report and, in the two occasions when he has talked about it on the record and in public, he has woven a web of fiction and lies that bears no resemblance to what the Report says.

I wish I had faith enough in my fellow Americans to believe that they will either read the report and see the truth, or lacking the discipline to perform that vital act of citizenship – reading the Report – they will at least listen to legitimate experts who have read it, but, after the “Send Her Back” episode in Greenville, I have little hope for either of those outcomes.

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