Monday, July 15, 2019

What donnie Is Really Doing

From the New York Times:

“Trump Says Four Democratic Congresswomen Hate the U.S. and Are Free to Leave"

This is a coda to one of his most recent hate tweet flurries.

There is a question one might ask.

Why would he have written his most recent hate tweets at all? 

Some of us might ask that.

Having asked that we might follow on with the question “why would he follow something so stupid with a double down even more stupid?”

Answers loom.

It’s simple: he wants to keep “THE BASE” all stirred up – that’s the answer to the first question.

The second question’s answer is more sinister: he has just put a bounty on the heads of four smart young American women.

He has a lot of “very fine people” out there (“THE BASE”) who are ready to do his bidding.

One of them was sent to prison for life only this morning.

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