Tuesday, July 23, 2019

old bone spurs is Quite a Military man

Or so he says.

Only yesterday he said he could destroy Afghanistan in a week but he didn't want to kill ten million people (he got the body count from Sean Hannity, another heavy military man).

I once wanted to be an entertainer.

If the early success of the RF Trio can be taken as evidence that I might have achieved that goal, the fact that Vietnam trumped that wish might be significant.
I guess.
But WTF.

So now we have donnie.
He wanted to be - something - maybe a real estate developer or something, seems to be what it was.
And I guess he has become one of those animals.
At least he seems to have the emoluments market cornered.
But to get to be what he wanted to be he needed to avoid going to Vietnam.
And he did.
Avoid going.
To Vietnam.
He's a winner.

I couldn't figure out how to avoid going to Vietnam.
So the trio, and being an entertainer, died.
But WTF.

Here is what we sounded like; it wouldn't work now, but it wasn't bad for the early sixties:

So I went.

And donnie bought a podiatrist.
And donnie didn't.
Go to Vietnam.

That makes me a "LOOOSER".

That's a visual simulation of a Queens accent.

So old bone spurs has, for the moment, eschewed, killing ten million people and the rest of us,
all get to act as if it makes sense that a draft dodging sex criminal has any say in the conduct of world affairs.

That is sort of like Kafka's first few words in Metamorphosis.

Here is a picture.

The black background is the cumberbund from my semi formal uniform that I wore at dining ins as an Air Force officer.

Look up Hap Arnold  for more on this subject.

Look up old bone spurs for the rest.

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