Friday, April 30, 2021

Firesides 21

 I am beginning to hear as the days pass since President Joe made history and the pundits have had time to think about what they saw and heard the other night, and are now saying what they saw and heard, they are saying that they saw and heard what I thought I was hearing and seeing at the time: The President wasn't addressing Congress, nor was he presenting the state of the Union; he was fireside chatting with all of us.

The only difference between the other night and 1932 was that the President this time managed to talk cogently, coherently, occasionally entertainingly, genuinely empathically and massively enthusiastically - all things of which Roosevelt was master - but Joe did it for over an hour, not ten minutes.

If he can do that well for that long, just imagine how effective he is going to be when he starts rolling out the ten minute chats that are going to be required as we get deeper into the republican obstruction and lie season.

Sign me up for the podcast: "Tonight I want To Talk To You About ..."

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