Wednesday, April 7, 2021

How Forked Tongue Of Them

 Ol' Mitch keeps saying that corporations should shut up about voter suppression and keep doing corporation stuff.

Whatever corporation stuff is.

What it isn't, I guess Ol' Mitch thinks, is expressing a value judgement.

He doesn't want them messing in politics.

He doesn't want to hear them talk.

If I didn't remember so clearly Mitt Romney saying, loudly and clearly "corporations are people" I would find Ol' Mitch's outburst as an amusing postscript to Election 2020.

But Mitt was speaking out in support of Supreme Court affirmed unlimited dark money emanating from corporations in support of republican causes and candidates: corporations being people, the thought process imbedded in Mitt's declaration was that as people, corporations have the same rights under the First Amendment as any other American person.

Apparently Ol' Mitch and the boys only like that construct when those corporate "people" toe the fascist party line.

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