Wednesday, April 14, 2021

I Have No Idea Whether Any Of This Is True

 But I think I heard  some of it on KUOW, my local Public Radio station; I have waxed editorial on KUOW's base story.

The base pay rate for Seattle Police is $60 an hour.

That's almost $127,000 a year.

Without overtime.

And Seattle cops are at the head of the line for off duty stuff like traffic control for Seattle City Light street projects - you know, the City goes in and spends weeks removing existing street bed so that the replacement street has a perfect pothole resistant substrate, and then a few weeks later the City goes back in to replace the gas pipes (they didn't know that the pipes needed replacing, weeks before, when they perfected the substrate and laid the new asphalt) - and there are lots of Seattle City Light and whoever-it-is-that's-the-gas-company projects; so there are a lot of traffic control jobs for off duty Seattle cops.

The hourly rate for that is $90.

But that's paid to a middleman so the cops probably don't get $90 an hour for being out there controlling traffic when they are off duty from their prime job which is killing unarmed black men.

They might not get much more than $60 an hour.

Think 60/15 = 4.

That's four times more than Bernie Sanders is trying to get to be the base rate for labor in America.

That's four times the rate that the republican fascist party says will sink America into the vast ocean of historic oblivion - they say it's too much money to pay people.

But I would expect that the middlemen pass on more than $60 an hour to their off duty cop independent contractors.

Because those cops have a lot of skills.

For example, if in a dispute over who has precedence at a four way intersection blocked by construction, one or more of the disputants is black, a cop has the instinct and the training to shoot the black one.

Black Lives Matter.

And nobody knows that fact better than a cop.

After all, their heritage is controlling and killing black people.

Or so one would surmise from history.

But back to the four way intersection where Seattle City Light is doing something vital:  if there happened to be more than one black disputant, the cop would have had the skill and training to shoot the other black ones.

That's a valuable skill.

Well worth $127,000 a year base pay with the addition of off duty traffic control uplift.

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