Tuesday, April 13, 2021


This was under Pont St Michel  if I remember correctly.  If I don't, it was somewhere around there. 

My first snowman. This was in Portland. The snow was pretty paltry.

At the Paris Zoo.  Lots of unhindered migratory and native birds mixed with the flamingos.

La Bastille

Rue Mazarine; my apartment is pretty near this place.

There are all the things you could ever want on rue Faubourg St Denis. That's some kind of entendre double.

On rue de Seine.

Life on la Seine where the livin' is easy; I guess; but it, for sure, is beautiful.

More life on la Seine

In the habitat at les Berges

Lopez Island rose

Lopez Island sunset

Lopez Island shorebirds

Lopez Island great blue heron on a buoy 

Lopez Island cactus flowers

Alfie thinking about dinner

I think this was in Florence.

The start of our Entre Deux Mers bike trip

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