Thursday, April 22, 2021

President Grant Should Have Met President Bush - "W" I Mean

 After Grant left the presidency, having chosen not to run for a third term in 1876, he became a civilian for the the first time in a long time.

Somewhere in that time he became aware of the fact that he was dying.

From his viewpoint, as I understand it from Ron Chernow, Grant wasn't particularly worried about dying, but he was worried about the financial health his wife would have after he died: would she have to go to the poorhouse?

So he decided to write his autobiography.

Maybe it would sell.

Two things stand out about that autobiography: It became a runaway best seller, and the reason that it became a runaway best seller was that Grant WAS A REALLY GOOD WRITER.


I watched a Jimmy Kimmel YouTube tonight.

It was an interview of George W Bush ostensively promoting W's new book Out of Many, One (e pluribus unum I guess).

I had, for me, some unsettling reactions to this interview.

First was that W is a really entertaining person when he sets his mind to it.

Second was that Jimmy Kimmel has a fairly significant level of respect for W, not the President, for W.

And that jangles my memory; but I like the feel of it; so let's accept it.

Third is that, based on the images of W's Paintings - the spinal chord of the book - he has an unexpected talent,

Just like Grant, an unexpected talent has emerged.

I would like him to apply that talent to a portrait of George Floyd.

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