Friday, November 19, 2021

A Response To "More About The Volunteer Military"

 I have every now and then posted thoughts I have about the all volunteer military

Wednesday was one of those times.

This time I got a response, an email from a friend of mine.

It seems so spiritually kindred to at least part of what I was saying I want to post it as part of my blog.

I am taking editorial liberty a couple of places and am formatting it the way I format my stuff.


"Here are my thoughts. 

"I have been a proponent of mandatory national service for decades. I thought it was a good idea in high school.  At least 2 yrs{,} not just military however.  Maybe this could be a source of person power for Biden and the Dems Infrastructure staffing. I'm certain this would be objected to as it would actually force people to do something with their  lives. It would also be a source for job training. 

"There is a large ship building company down {here} who has completed several Navy contracts. They just won a contract to build 10 new Coast guard cutters only to find out there are not enough welders available and has met with a trade school to beef up the Welding part of their school. I see major benefits to an action like this and it has been successfully done by other nations.

"I'm afraid hell will freeze over before anything like this is even whispered in the halls of Congress; something like this would require leadership and a backbone neither of which exists in Washington".

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