Monday, November 15, 2021

Images For November Half Over


I'm pretty sure this was on the Seine, but I think that it was in Rouen, not Paris.

Snowy day on the Seine in Paris

This was in one of my favorite places to take pictures of roses; it's on Ile des Cygnes across from la Defense.

Thoughtful pigeon contemplating the Seine

It took me a while to understand the pyramid, but now that I do, I can't take enough pictures of it.

Another from my "Life on the Seine" series

And another

Yet another

Coots family in Bois de Boulogne

Les Berges is/are here now; either way it's a good vantage for this night time shot.

On the quais at river level there are nice benches to sit and have a sandwich poulet and a glass of wine.  Sometimes vandals rip off the seat, but the lady remains.

Won't you ever grow up, little coot?

In the Aquarium Tropical

A friend of ours ran aground in front of our house.

These are European hares; we had a lot of them until the rabbit virus got here; now we don't have any.

I had never seen a nuthatch before coming to Lopez.

Sometimes out junipers have berries.  Robins like to eat them. I wonder if robins like gin?

I think this is a junco.

I thought herons were fresh water only, but we have lots of them; I have counted as many as 19 lined up the beach from time to time.

My lock screen on my birthday.

This was on a bike trip in Entre Deux Mers.  These things grow wild there; I think they might be some kind of wild melon.

I think that this was in Brittany.

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