Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Talk About Fixed: Wisconsin Trial Of The Weeping Defender

 The Judge is clearly bought by the NRA.

So why have a trial?

The Judge has declared Rittenhouse innocent already by his overt hostility to the Prosecution of Little Kyle - a patriot who somehow got possession of a semi-automatic weapon which it is illegal for him to own (at least when he shot three people with it) - and by his ruling that the dead can't even be called "victims".

I have had the good fortune to have never pointed a gun at another human being, but, if I had ever done that, I would have been intending to kill him or her; so when Little Kyle pointed his gun at an unarmed person and that person grabbed the barrel of the gun, I can only imagine that that grabbing of the barrel was a defensive measure on the part of the grabber; what would you have done?

That grabber probably believed that the gun pointer was going to kill him?

So, the pointer was OK to kill the grabber because the pointer, the one with the AR15, was under threat for his life from an unarmed person?

The fix is clearly in in Wisconsin.

I guess we need to have an audit to see if there is bamboo fiber woven into the Judge's robes?

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