Tuesday, November 30, 2021

2024: i just can't believe

 That a a 78 year old socio-path can be elected president of the United States.


But I was sure that couldn't happen the first time.

But it did.


But this time my feeling that that can't happen -again - is based on sociology and medical science, not politics.


Which were seriously impacted by the Russians in 2016.

I have made several posts documenting how that all worked.

I DO know, that Fox says that that is all conspiracy; I rest my case.

And I also read the Mueller Report.

And Fat Billie aside - he lied and obfuscated about that report - and the Press accepted his lies and obfuscations, (I guess they had never seen a lying sack of shit pretending to be Attorney General of the United States before) and we went on about our business with a traitor at the helm; but I guess that's just 'Merica. 

So: donnie will be 78 in 2024; he seems to wax fat and prosperous on his All-KFC diet, but even a walruss finally dies of an all blubber diet. 

Or so my friends who are walrusses have told me.

I am pretty sure that walruses don't eat blubber, but, like Fat Billie, I am taking literary liberties.

What fun.

But back to donnie.

So he may not even make it to the hustings in '24.

But, his blubber aside, donnie is increasingly losing any grip on reality.

Even his previously really shaky grip.

On reality.

As attractive as that is to many 'Mericans (a president with no grip on reality) chasing the dilusion of making 'Merica Great Again Again, when we only became a laughing stock under donnie's  recently terminated ludicrous flail at national leadership, I can't lose the belief that they are a diminishing tribe of nuts.

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