Wednesday, December 13, 2017

An Unexpected Result Of donnie And Jerusalem

A little earlier today in, a local Public Radio interview and talk show, I heard Susan Sylvester Hutchison the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party say something very similar to this

(my memory span is too short and served by too shallow data storage to ever be word for word; but I am pretty good on context and meaning)

"Blue collar Democrats (in this case she was referring to the people who inhabit the Washington state coastal strip) are going to vote republican because the president wants to move our embassy to Jerusalem".

WHAT? I shrieked into the smog filled Seattle firmament.

How does that put any food on the working folks’ tables ??

She didn't answer.

All this morning – Day Zero Post Roy Moore – I have heard republicans spinning everything; unfortunately I also heard Tom Perez abandon reality to spin how strong the Democrats are for 2018.

The republican spin is just pathetic.

But Perez’s spin was unnecessary and dangerous.

Because the Democrats are going to be mowed down by the Tea Party and the Hate Party and the rump of the republicans in 2018.

The Democrats keep thinking that Chuck - looking down at something on the floor when he speaks, and Nancy looking like a de-frocked nun who is pissed about not being Mother Superior is going to motivate the demographic segment necessary to overcome the white hate vote and get them to go out and vote.

That is, tragically, going to be proven so stupid, so soon, that we are all going to have to think that the sickness we felt late in the night of 8 November 2016 was just a mild case of pizza stomach.

People like Perez need to deal with reality.

That is the first step toward winning again.

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