Saturday, December 2, 2017

Tocqueville Told Us To Worry

Saturday 2 December 2017; it’s 12:31 PST.

The sun is moving across North America.

Darkness is scurrying behind the sun; it is somewhere over the Atlantic right now; but its amorphous tendrils of gloom will be intercepting the coast of the United States soon.

And as they so intercept the lights will  begin to come on.

And residents of Mars will be able to see the glory that is America.

There will be one facility whose light will be of special interest.

“There’s been absolutely no collusion.”

“We know Mr. President.”

“I repeat, there’s been absolutely no collusion.”

“We need to move on, Mr. President; Sarah has covered you beautifully: she said that the ‘godless democrats are stirring the cauldron of progressive/liberal offal against the vicar of Jesus here on earth’; nice phrasing, no?”

“I repeat, there’s been absolutely no collusion.”

A little covfef ensues among the gathered advisors and camp followers.

“What are we going to do with him?”

“Hope he chokes to death on his burned steak?”

“If only!”

This goes on to no apparent result until a roar from across the room arises to heavens and intercepts the down floating tendrils of darkness.

“Mueller dilendum est!!!”

“I didn’t know he spoke Latin.”

“He’s really smart; he says that all the time.”

“Mueller dilendum est!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(Louder this time.)

“Nice classical allusion.”


As the tendrils of the sun waft their golden amorphisty across the east coast of the United States the Nation’s newspapers pop into view like mushrooms after a good rain.

The headline of each mirrors the head line of all the others.


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