Sunday, December 10, 2017

donnie, I wish I had Never Knew Ya

America was once the place where nothing was perfect but where everything came out OK because of checks and balances and a vigorous rule of law.

We are rapidly losing the checks and balances because of the willingness of a frighteningly large number of Americans to think that donald trump is an acceptable President.

And he is successfully undermining all the constitutional checks and balances and right of citizens – freedom of the press paramount among those – because he is supposedly a member of the political party that holds the majority in both houses of our legislature; the members of that party are punch drunk with power.

And the rule of law is being, daily, done away with by the republican CABAL.

donnie is so far from acceptable, that I need to offer a link to a video I have posted that describes why he should be impeached;

But America keeps chugging along, hoping every day that donnie isn’t going to get WW III going, and just keeping its head down, because, after all, he is the President.

Some of us think maybe America can do a lot better than donnie:  we have had Presidents who have seemed to understand the things that the office of the President requires – Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy, Wilson, FDR, Harry, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Barack.

donnie doesn’t seem to be able to get what these other men got.

But he got elected.

And some of us lost in that election.

And, having lost we have to accept the fact that donnie likes to be different.

He has decided to be the asshole President.

And a lot of Americans seem to like an asshole as their leader.

And he seems to have an Electoral College lock on being the asshole in chief.

For a frightening length of time.

I would like it if this weren’t true.

But it is.


And we are going to pay for this.

Even if we – who really would prefer not to be ranted at (as an alternative to being governed by)  the President - figure out how to get donnie out in some way, by the time that that happens the republicans will have gutted America.

We are already not first world - in any rational measurement of that membership - healthcare being the most obvious, and mass transportation being not far behind – and we are rapidly descending into being a country where myth drives policy.

The problem is, the myth is a hate based justification for weakness and incompetency spawned by a few years of luck driven world dominance (“all them Mexicans have caused us to not have jobs”).


At the end of World War II nobody but us had any factories.

As countries began to recover, and wanted to and needed to buy stuff, but still had no factories to produce the “stuff” there was only one place to buy it from.

America was that place.

And we got fat and lazy: the 1% mostly, because they owned everything; but the workers did all right also; because with a world monopoly even the 1% had to cede to the serfs some part of the largesse of that monopoly.

The 1%, after all, needed the workers to show up to work every day so that the 1% could fuck a still prostrate world.

But the 1% couldn’t stop history.

The Japanese rebuilt; and they adopted Deming’s methods.

And they rubbed our fat, overfed American noses in the real world: you need to be good to compete.

And we were not good: having a world monopoly allowed the 1% to charge whatever they wanted; It allowed them to keep giving unions contracts that probably made no sense; after all, with a world monopoly they needed to keep the workers turning their bolts, no matter what.

But that all stopped when the Deming trained Japanese kicked into gear.

And we whined and moaned and continued to turn out embarrassing excuses for automobiles.

And the Japanese kicked our ass.

And we whined even more loudly.


The early post WW II dominance of America in the world of commerce was not superiority, GREATNESS, or skill; it was just LUCK.

And on 8 October 2016, our luck ran out.

Why do I say that?

Because delusions aren’t going to make America great.

In some ways we still are great; but it’s waning rapidly; and it’s not going to happen again, unless we cease being delusional.

Because delusions are going to take us into the miasma of stupidity, ignorance, hate and prejudice that are the things that have spelled finis for all other once great civilizations.

Anyone without delusions can see “finis America” emblazoned on the walls of history.

But that is just a likely outcome.

There is still time for another outcome.

But things don’t look very hopeful.

I am glad that I probably am too old to see whether the walls so emblazoned are accurate in their prophesy.

It’s ironic that so is donnie.

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