Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Good News But The Battle Continues

I am stunned beyond belief by the Alabama result.

I assume, however that those results will be attacked immediately as "fake results", "rigged system", “fake news”, "big money from 'the outside"' and etc. etc. and etc..

So all I can take from this historic event is that is that Alabama's citizens really take seriously being American Citizens.

And that is comforting.

And, I hate to say this, surprising.

Alabama has done something that a lot of us blue places have never had to do: look the devil in the eye, be beguiled by his spell; and then choose right over the devil.

That must have been really difficult.

When I lived in Georgia I was pretty sure that I met a lot of real people who I could talk to about pretty much anything, with whom I disagreed on some things, and who were able to chalk up the disagreements to the fact that I was a Yankee; but they seemed to feel that that was ok; we agreed that Brunswick stew might be the apex of human food and that Merle haggard was the greatest living entertainer.

So I am happy to see that common sense and reason carried the day today in Alabama.

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