Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Morning After II: How Democrats Could Keep The Senate Seat In Alabama

After hearing Congressman Bradley Byrne (R Alabama) saying in an interview on NPR this morning: (the words are as close as I can approximate them from memory) “This was a one off election, will never happen again and Doug Jones will lose his seat in November because there is no way that Alabama - except in this one off aberration - will ever vote other than Republican”, I posted some thoughts titled “The Morning After”.

And that was fun.

But I kept thinking about Byrne’s statement and drew a less satirically whimsical conclusion.

And, I guess, that is another post.

So here it is.

Satirical whimsy aside, I agree with Byrne: “Doug Jones will lose in November”.

I can’t think of any way he can win.

Except one.

The fact that that way requires a combination of expedience and altruism never seen in history make that way unlikely to the point of being unthinkable.

But here it is.

Doug needs to, immediately, with a lot of help from the African American community figure out the most electable African American in Alabama and announce immediately after taking his seat in January that he will not run and who he will support.

And then let the fun begin.

There are a lot of blank spaces in this plan that need to be filled in.

I am not qualified to fill them in.

So I turn the idea over to Doug Jones right now.

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