Saturday, December 16, 2017

Just Some Images: Forget donnie For Today

I have tried from the beginning of this blog to be saying things that might be important, or useful, or – rational, even.

I am pretty sure, from the reaction to this blog in the time since I commenced it, that that has been pointless.

Images seem to be the solution to that problem; so here are some:

hawk 121417 from mysti 00000

lopez chestnut sided chickadee 041117 00002

lopez junco 110217 00004

lopez junco 110217 00003

lopez nuthatch 060717 00014

lopez pintail 121513 00000

I wrote sort of a poem earlier this evening.

It was about a bird.

And about human cruelty.

So, since these all turned out to be bird pictures, here it is.


It Was A Bird

I once drew down upon a bird;

It was with my home made slingshot;

I pulled back the elastics and looked;

At something so beautiful that;

I can’t now understand why;

I let it fly…

…The rock, I mean

That flew

At that bird

In the back yard of my best friend.

But I did;

Let it fly;

And it did;


And it struck;

And I cheered;

But all these years since, I cry

Every time I remember

That bird.

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