Thursday, February 22, 2018

Good Guys With Guns?

There are a lot of problems with this NRA solution to rampant gun violence.

At the head of the list is the problem of defining what is a good guy.

I am sure that after a throaty chuckle at my lily livered naivet̩ the proponent of the good guy with guns solution would spew forth the expected litany of stereotypes and myths, so there is not much use in arguing about this РI think Рreally questionable endorsement of a fully armed citizenry.

So I won’t.

Argue about it.

Nor will I argue about any of the many other assertions made and questions begged in relation to any attempt to try to eliminate cyclical mass murder in America.

There is one exception to my no argument posture, however: I get really nervous about living in an America that would be beset by constant episodes of cross fire from the good guys engaging the bad guys.

Friendly fire is frequently deadly fire, for those of us just trying to go to the grocery.

That would make life noticeably less enjoyable and likely measurably shorter for many of us.

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