Thursday, February 1, 2018

Smarter Than He Looks

So Devie said one day; "I have a great idea".

I'm going to write a memo with a bunch of mostly fictitious assertions about malfeasance at the FBI.

I'll allude to deeply classified documents that can't be released to the public as proof of the assertions; since the "proof" can't be released there is no way to prove the bogus nature of my memo.

And then, just as a secret sauce, I will classify the memo and then announce its existence and say that it proves malfeasance but can't be released to the public.

When, inevitably after the sturm and drang that will arise around the whole affair, it is released, and it says "malfeasance, malfeasance, malfeasance" nobody will be able to prove that I'm wrong; I will have alluded to a document that I know can't be released, so my use of it as proof can't be proved to be bogus.

And everybody thinks I'm as dumb as a post.

I'll show them.”

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