Friday, February 16, 2018

The Russian Onslaught On America Is – Sometimes – Subtle

I assume (based on all my alternate facts and my fake news and my just plain willingness to believe that donnie is not only an idiot, a disaster and an American travesty, but that he is also a criminal who would collude with anyone who would make him money, or anyone who would do his twisted, usually illegal, bidding, and/or who would help him get elected) that most or all of the mass murders and massacres that keep rolling through America are also spawned by the same or similar Soviet (excuse, excuse – Russian) operatives that were today indicted by Robert Mueller.

I guess they recruit, and train, and egg on, the Kruz’s (Ted’s kid, I guess) or Cruz’s (I couldn’t find  how the name is spelled, and really don’t care) and their ilk, so that the American education system, already moribund due to multi-decade lack of funding, ceases to have a function.

Kids don’t want to go back into the war zone.

Pretty neat, Puty.

But, I guess, if I were president, I would want to bring that sort of mass murder, and its ill effect on education in America, to an immediate and screeching stop.

But then, I am not donnie.

donnie wants to be exonerated (whatever that means) from any connection to the “Russian Hoax”, “there was no collusion” (whatever that might mean) and he wants to pray – or something, for all of those dead people – kids mostly - in Florida.

I guess I would ask what donnie the crotch grabber could possibly expect to bring to the grief sodden family meetings that are trying to get through the loss.

The only answer I could proffer would be: absurdity.

But then “Absurdity” is the banner under which our sad little shrinking excuse for a country has been marching for over a year now.

But: I guess, if I were President, I would want to stop the Soviets.

As the kids in Florida have been saying with clarity and emphasis “thanks for your thoughts and prayers, but we need, expect and demand, ACTION”.

One kid said he regretted not being a Russian BOT, given that we have mid-terms coming up.

If that high, best of breed, human history to date, irony, doesn’t get some cretin lawmaker’s attention I don’t know what we can do; I suggest a march on Washington.

By the rest of us.

Who aren’t cretins.

So I would want to stop the Soviets.

If I were president.

But then, I am nor donnie.

And he is pretending to be president.

How sad.

How genuinely sad.

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