Friday, February 9, 2018

Incompetence II Or Maybe Treason

On two occasions during my four years in USAF, I was assigned to functions requiring high level security clearances.

In both cases that put me in what was called casual status: "go play pool for the next several months while we talk to all the people we need to talk to so you can be cleared to do the job we have assigned you" or, "maybe we can have you go out and do base garbage pickup".

There wasn't some sort of interim clearance status (that everybody assumes Robbie the uncleared had, which I doubt, for the reasons that are in this post); it was binary; one day I couldn't do my job, and then one day I could; I had been cleared.

So I think donnie and all his factotums should be a little nervous about going to jail.

Last time I looked, giving classified information to someone not cleared for it is a crime of significant proportion.

So are we going to give donnie another pass or are we going to draw the line at National Security?

The donnie base loves treason, so I guess we know the answer.

Here is a previous post that elaborates a little more – 400 words or so, so not life threatening.

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