Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Ottoman’s And The Romanovs Are Back

Erdogan's "Ottoman Slap" comment jibes nicely with everything Puty has been doing since 2014.

And we (citizens of the United States of America) are stuck with a president who has never read a book.

So any idea about what is confronting him in his capacity of CINQ is absent.

I noted months ago that donnie's abandonment of US world leadership - a thing that has been in place since 1945, and is the result of the architecture of three President's: Wilson, FDR and Truman, and the result of the implementation of that architecture by every subsequent president, until now, would have catastrophic implications for world order, and any semblance of world peace.

Today, though, donnie is off on a frolic of making our schools safe.

And he – donnie the crotch grabber- told little children to feel safe because he cares about them.

Or something like that; I wasn’t paying attention.

(I had visions of a six year old in Syracuse looking at his Google search cell and keying in “Stormy Daniels” and then saying, “Daddy what does “porn” mean?”)

The lyrics from John Stewart’s (not the Daley show guy) song, “You are the Country” come to mind.

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