Wednesday, November 25, 2020

As Agent Orange Slowly Fades To Black ...

 Most Americans don't know, or don't care that the fact they have had a relatively peaceful 75 or so years - except for optional and stupid wars - is because of what Wilson thought up, Roosevelt brought into being, Truman implemented and Eisenhower refined and made permanent: Pax Americana; every president subsequent to Eisenhower kept the Pax alive and well; then dum dum donnie came along; and, as was the case with Humpty Dumpty, we probably can't put the Pax back together again. 

Pretty much like the British Empire, the sun has set upon America and it aint coming up again. 

Leadership matters; having none for four years is a good way of learning the truth of that statement.

In the case of world affairs, I think that lack of leadership, in the country which until 2016 was the leader of the world, has probably been fatal.

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