Monday, November 9, 2020

We're Gonna Find Out, I Guess: Seventy One Is A Big Number

 Most republicans apparently support overturning the recent election.

donnie, of course is flinging his copious bulk hither and yon while screaming intermittent allusions to all the extant conspiracies that he imagines into his hallucinations.

Between conspiracies and pouty faced trips to the golf course he is in the process of launching a campaign of mayhem.

Firings; pardons; overturns.

Maybe even a discontinuance of Social Security.

Maybe even Medicare.

The GI Bill looks vulnerable.

A nuclear attack on somebody would be good.

The sky is now the limit; what donnie and Ol' Mitch didn't get done they are gonna do.

So there won't be much left when donnie and his republican co-conspirators are finished.

We made it, barely, through four years with a country still standing.

But the focal intensity of the about-to-be exit de donnie is going to stress test what we have left.

De Tocqueville was amazed that America was proving that people could govern themselves without a king.

We are on the cusp of finding out whether a people can govern themselves without a government.

We're gonna find out, I guess.

Seventy one and counting.

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