Saturday, November 14, 2020

The State Legislature Can Call The Election Gambit

 So far all the spaghetti that donnie has been throwing against the wall continues to slide down into a nasty inedible pile on the floor: judges keep saying donnie's legal challenges read like scripts from the theatre of the absurd.

But one high level nasty possibility keeps floating above the fray: the republican legislatures in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan can remove the electors that are directed by the results of the recent election and replace them with electors instructed to vote for donnie.

That's 46 electoral votes.

That's giving the election to donnie.

That is overturning what the VOTERS decided.

The only problem appears to be that for this election cycle, the year 2020, those republicans really can't change the law that says the electors WILL vote for whomever won the election in the states considering this nullification of the people's will; that law was signed into existence prior to 3 November 2020 in the states with republicans considering intervention and it can't be retroactively abrogated in those states; that is the thinking; I guess we will see.

So, in the best of worlds a few states won't be able to say that the PEOPLE have no right to vote for the President of the United States.

It's amazing in donnieWorld how little it takes to make a good day.

But even that paltry good day would be an ephemeral and transient phenomenon: those same legislatures actually can change the law for 2024, saying that the legislature will direct the electors how to vote, non respective to whatever the voters decide; I assume Ohio, just to be safe would pass the same law.

That's 64 electoral votes when Ohio is included.

So I guess I see why donnie thinks he has a chance in 2024.

And I guess I see what Ol' Mitch and the boys will be doing to any attempt by the Biden administration to improve the lot of everyday Americans: "lex nihil".

The only thing I guess I don't see, is why would we even have an election in 2024?

If my logic and facts here are valid, and if the question derivative of them is equally valid, it is obvious that the United States really has become a tin pot dictatorship on a smooth glidepath to 2024. 

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