Friday, November 6, 2020

The Fragility Of Democracy

 As the will of the people inexorably moves toward promulgation, and as that will increasingly appears to be that the people have chosen Joe Biden as President, donnie is in the election war room moving red states real and red states imagined around on his softly illuminated electoral map table - each state is translucent and has a red diode in it; the diode can be activated from a remote control for which only donnie knows the access code - as he moves one around he clicks the remote and the newly moved state turns red; a digital display on the wall cycles: "525".

"Why doesn't Fox call the election?" He shrieks.

A nubile young blonde woman wearing a small gold crucufix reaches into a massive container of Kentucky Fried Chicken and shoves a drumstick into donnie's mouth.

"There, there, Mr. President".

A massive bone crunching mastication ensues.


So we are down to this.

donnie may lose, but he continues throwing legal spaghetti against the wall and it all keeps sliding down into a nasty mess on the floor.

So what is left?

His campaign advisor recently gave us insight.

"His campaign’s legal adviser on Thursday even pointed to the fact that Trump had appointed three Supreme Court justices while urging them to “step in and do something” — as if they owed Trump favorable legal decisions."

That from The Washington Post.

Welcome to Belarus.

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