Sunday, November 29, 2020

just in case you thought it was over; I have been hoping, but as I look at the stark reality of our plight ...

 ... I don't see any light at the end of the funnel.

And that is because funnels don't have any light at their end; they just sit atop some sort of stuff that has been decanted into a container.

No light there.

However funnels have rules:

Always remember: when you are making a decision, keep yourself in the big part of the funnel as long as you can.


Once you are in the throat of the funnel you are committed.

And that can be dicey.

On the other hand,

Tunnels are whimsical things, and the lights at their ends are fleeting frivels of hope; too bad for us, we are not in one, because I would take a frivel of hope any time.

As opposed to the stuff in the container as donnieLand fades but is not forgotten.

Having said that, we are nonetheless in a funnel.

And the container below it has a lot of stuff: hate, slime, lies, treason;

And that's just the republican senate.

Wait there is more.

No light, because no tunnel.

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