Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Lying Billy's Version

 So Lying Billy, AKA Fat Billy, AKA The Hand of the donnie is going to investigate the recent Presidential election.

That was the election in which a record 147 million or so voters turned out and a record 51% or so of those voters voted for Joe Biden.

That was the election in which Joe Biden had some squeakers in some states, and blew it out in a lot of them: he averaged around 60% of the vote on the Pacific coast and 55% or so in New York and New England; on the other hand he only won by 48,280 votes in the arch swing state, Pennsylvania.

Also on the other hand, he only won Arizona by 15,510 and Georgia by 12,000.

Since those are republican states, I guess any win by a Democrat is constitutionally illegal.

12,000 vote plurality in Georgia?

In Japan there would be republicans getting out their ceremonial swords.

But lying is easier and more fun than committing an honorable suicide.

And this is the post reality era, so normal things can't be seen normally.

Take Nevada, for instance: Billy is going to investigate the 3000 votes that came from voters who don't live in Nevada (Joe won Nevada by 35,360).

Actually those votes have already been investigated: they are military voters voting by mail and non-resident college students who are allowed by Nevada law to vote in Nevada.

But if you "frame" the uncontested facts (in a post facts era) you can get the slathering multitudes into the streets brandishing hamburger guns and shrieking about George Soros.

And that is the nature of the post democracy world of Fat Billy.

The obvious lies and frames notwithstanding, what might Fat Billy's investigation unearth?

Of course, no one can know, Billy's creativity at lying being legendary, but one can hark back to his other history-altering intervention for guidance.

Remember the Mueller Report?

That was the promulgation of an extensive investigation into the nature of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The report found extensive instances of meetings and coordination between trump's minions and various elements of the Russian propaganda apparatus.

Having documented all of that, the report said that proving that the extensive number and depth of those ongoing contacts amounted to conspiracy was legally too difficult to recommend.

So the report documented it and said it couldn't recommend prosecution.

The report also documented in detail 10 instances of actions by trump that were probably obstruction of justice.

In a previous world to donnieland obstruction of justice was a serious crime; multiple documented instances of it would have brought down a presidency.

But the Mueller report said that although there were ten clear instances of high crimes on the part of the president of the United States, justice department protocols precluded prosecution.

So the report said that donnie probably conspired with the Russians (Manafort gave Kilimnik in depth trump campaign data analysis; the Russians already had the voter analysis that resulted from Cambridge Analytica - which was a template for how one would suppress the black vote in America; trump subsequently won the 2016 election by winning the electoral votes of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio by 70,000 votes, driven by the fact that black people stayed at home rather than voting in those states).

A few days before making the report public, Fat Billie held a press conference in which he said that the report completely exonerated donnie.

That was such an appalling lie I was really surprised when nobody contested it - even Mueller.

But I guess nobody, even Mueller, read the report.

If one applies the spread between the truth and the facts that that little factoid illustrates, the upcoming justice department version of the 2020 election should be entertaining.

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