Sunday, November 1, 2020

I Wish It Were Irony - Part Two

 Here is a little more about why I am thinking the way I am.

Most of us who ever have been interested in government, politics, governing, history and such have always believed that the United States Constitution is about as mechanically perfect as a human contrivance can be.

The guys who wrote it were students of history and students of how the sovereign power of the people has been wielded, manipulated  and abused over time; most of them felt that a republic was the best form; "res publica" after all meant "thing of the people"; they had seen that sovereign power mostly abused over history; their English cousins had fought a civil war and a participated in a follow on revolution over those exact issues within the hundred and forty years previous to the Constitutional Convention.

So, since our Constitution was a blueprint for a republic it is not surprising that it seemed to have characteristics for the purpose of insuring stasis across the executive, the legislative and the judicial.

Checks and balances had been born, and they succeeded in their goal for 229 years.

Unfortunately in 2016 the checks all got unchecked and the balance got lost in the shuffle: Mitch McConnel realized that having him and his party in control the legislature, with a malleable puppet as president, Ol' Mitch and the boys could do pretty much whatever they wanted.

The Framers had missed one important thing: if a faction puts its interests ahead of the interests of the people (the "faction" being a part of "res") and if that faction gains control of two of the prongs of sovereignty, the legislative and the executive, that faction can take control of the third prong and, instead of sovereignty benefiting from stasis, stasis-protected sovereignty disappears - forever - into the absolute tyranny of checkmate, or endgame.

The recent largest example of the fact of that endgame has been Ol' Mitch and the boys' refusal to conduct a Constitutionally dictated trial of the president.

The others are legion.

The conclusion is obvious.

There are multiple well trained - by the US military and the US police - cells of lethally armed individuals that are going to march sometime in the next two or three days; some of the cells are still in the military or on police forces.

It doesn't matter who appears to be winning the presidency - those cells really don't care about the president; it only matters that they have a premise to march and Ol' Mitch and the boys have every factional interest to let it rip; if they didn't perform a Constitutional duty to try the president, they sure aren't going to stop a military coup.

But they surely will stop whatever vestiges of loyalty might still exist in the rank and file of the military and police from attempting to stop the coup.

And they can get their captive third branch to pretty things up after the dust has settled.

I can't un-think these things into being not true, no matter how hard I try.

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