Sunday, November 1, 2020

As The Sun Sets On America: Potpourri for 010120

 A Newspaper in Pittsburg has endorsed donnie.

Prime among the reasons for the endorsement: "the pre-COVID economy".

That's the first time I have ever heard of a political endorsement based on "how good it was once upon a time".

I guess it's as close to "morning in America" as anyone dares go.

It reminds me of the electoral hay that Bill Clinton was able to reap when Bob Dole said he was a "bridge to the past".

That was in 1996: seems like a more innocent time.


If anyone out there has any knowledge of Oath Keeper deployments in their sector they should report them to the FBI.

The FBI won't do anything because Fat Billie and the boys are committed to a smooth retention of power.

So expect massive inaction from the author of the assessment of the Mueller Report wherein he said that donnie was completely exonerated.

I guess that little caper says more about the education system, or lack thereof, in the United States than it does about high crimes and misdemeanors: if one had read the Mueller Report one would have noted that Fat Billie's version is exactly opposite of what the Mueller Report says.

But if the education system of a nation has a three pronged approach to reading: don't teach; discourage and deny (it's called the THREE Ds) that nation will get a phenomenon that has come to be called "trump voters".


As a backup, after Fat Billie demurs, you can report Oath Keeper deployments to your local republican factotum, however: after the drubbing that seems imminent that the down-ticketers are likely to get from the voters, the only reaction you can expect from the republicans is their new membership in the Oath Keepers; so you probably just ought to make a Bloody Mary, here's a link to a recipe, turn on NPR and listen how Ol' Mitch and the boys spin the coup.


If you are a tenacious sort you can contact your elected representative and ask them to deploy the military, or the police.  

Exit with gales of hysterically hollow laughter.


But, back to education: in a world that has developed over several thousand years into one whose cardinal attribute - the single most important thing upon which all else extant is based - is critical thinking, if a nation has an education system endorsing the idea that the cosmos is 4000 years old, one should not be surprised at what it is that one gets as a result of that system.

Having said that, given America's past good luck, it is still surprising seeing how quickly that luck has run out: one spectacular core dump.


I am aware that this is exactly the sort of viewpoint that is an induced part of Putin's endgame; I am submitting it as a sort of political lab rat which can be dissected by christian temples of learning in their pseudo political science curricula after the coup.

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