Monday, June 7, 2021

Sceptics As Memes

 This afternoon we are out in a fairground in West Virginia where they are having a pig neutering festival.

This being a major part of West Virginia culture the local health authorities have rolled out a portable COVID vaccine facility to catch West Virginians where they live.

Let's interview a few of the attendees.

"So, I see that you are wearing a MAGA hat; I guess you voted for Trump?"

"You bet, fake press, fake news, fake American, fake, fake, fake, fake fake".

"You don't seem to have a high opinion of the press?!"

"I have a high opinion of the real press - Hannity and Tucker - but not of you fake guys".

"How do you tell a fake"?

"If you're not from Fox or Breitbart".

"So what do you think about vaccines"?

"Bill Gates invented the COVID bacteria" 

"Excuse me, but it's a virus" 

"Whatever; he invented this thing to make us all get a test that inserts a chip in our nose; and Biden stole the election; we know this for certain because Rudy Giulianii says so".

"So are you going to take this vaccine"?


"Why Not"?

"Bill Gates and #stop the steal".

"I guess that makes sense to you"?


"So how about incessant farting"?

"Now you're talking".

"What are you going to do about it"?

Breitbart and Make MAGA Great Again (MMAGAGA- we had to do 18 pitch to get it on our hats)  have announced a new injection called HUMAWABI: the drug for incessant farting; we're all getting it".

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