Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Thoughts On Twelve Monkeys

 Every time I watch Brad Pitt's famous jumping and yelling scene in that movie I feel as if I have seen that scene somewhere else.

Tonight I just got it.

Jim Jordan is 12 Monkeys.

The fact that that is the case probably wouldn't surprise the framers of our Constitution: they expected the House of Representatives to have the less educated, more stupid and - I guess I have to say it - likely to be treasonous, members, selected from the general populace.

Jordan exceeds all requirements for that description.

The thing that hangs heavy among us is a question: "how can we continue to continue as a nation with monkeys like Jim Jordan in one of our two legislative bodies"?

He vastly overperforms the less than grand expectations for incompetence and treason that the framers of our Constitution feared.

But he looks a lot like what they figured would probably inhabit that segment of our national legislature.

Ohio went 500,000 or so votes for donnie in 2020.

That's more than Hillary's 250,000 deplorables.

Ohio must be an interesting place to live: two times deplorables; must make taverns hard places for people like me to have a beer and survive.

I wouldn't want to try it,

But god bless america.

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