Friday, January 19, 2018

Couple Of Thoughts For Today

Thought One

I am embarrassed to say that this just occurred to me.

In my defense it has taken years of outrage with occasional accompanying outbursts to my blog and the associated stewing and brewing that that activity entails to distill this thing I am about to say into expressed language.

The thing I can't accept anymore is that we don't have anyone, in any political party, or from any walk of life, that tells the truth.

The best one gets - and it has a pain deadening affect when it aligns with ones own proclivities - is spin.

Spin is the act of taking facts, and begged questions (an old debating term for an old debating error) and gross unsubstantiated assertions and aligning them in a manner favorable to somebody’s whim of the moment.

I hear "The Founding Fathers" invoked all the time.

T think if the Founding Fathers were to see and hear our current state of affairs, they, in that Council of Leaders that I have included as characters in some of my writings would shout in unison "Bullshit!!"

Thought Two


They are bringing down the Tide Pod Challenge??!!

Why would anyone want to bring down the best, self policing, tool of genetic house keeping in world history???!!!

I might be being ironic.

But maybe not.

The current denizens of DC, especially the denizen in chief are all exhibit A examples of how the world could have been better, if we had had Tide Pods, and if we had had Challenges when those denizens were young.

Which points to:

Thought Three

Here is an interesting idea for a new fiction genre: "Political Fantasy Time Travel Set In A Utopian Past, Designed To Avoid A Dystopian Future".

And think of the movies that that genre might spawn.

And graphic novels.

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