Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Potpourri 16 January 2018

donnie is nearly obese.

(I guess I am impressed at the re-definition of “obese”.)

But he got all the old folks questions right: he remembered “banana” and “sunset”; probably took hours to memorize those; but what a guy; he did it.

And then there is the porn star who has jumped into things:


Odd, I think all the trump women look like porn stars.

I guess having one as first lady is a step forward – from something, to something; I guess.

But then one needs to remember donnie saying that Ivanka was a real “piece of ass”.

One wonders if that was conjecture, or if it was  testimony; or if it was wishful thinking.

A year or so ago I was exiting The Galley when a three or four sized family group stood up, and, stimulated by an allusion to that trumpian love of daughter remark that had just passed across one of the huge screen TVs, one of the male members of the group said to no one in particular, and everyone present “I can’t imagine what conversations around their dinner table must be like”.

I cheered.

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