Monday, January 15, 2018

Somebody Is Lying

Since either Dick Durbin is lying, or the republicans present in the now famous Thursday immigration meeting, are lying - it's as binary as it's possible to get - donnie either called a large part of the world shitholes, or he didn't; and since the assertion that donnie called the bulk of the non white world "shitholes" seems to not be setting well with the entire non white world, AND a large part of the white world (diverse as those of us in that white world demographic actually are, we are uniformly cursed with the label "white") and since the reaction of a large part of the rest of the world may constitute the last nail in the coffin of American World Leadership, I can't see any alternative to an investigation into what donnie did or didn't say last Thursday.

And I would like to add this statement to my video about why we need to impeach this vapid, sad, stupid lying sack of shit.

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