Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tired Of Tires? Fake News For 4 January 2017

donnie and some associated, higher class imbeciles, announced a great new initiative today.

Starting immediately, the Social Security Trust Fund money is going to be used to build a new kind of power plant.

They will be fairly small, stand alone facilities designed to burn discarded tires.

They will be open and air vented so that “America while becoming great again, will be able to see the tangible trademark of becoming great again: massive smears of black inky smoke hanging over the skies of greatening America”.

The idea apparently was proposed by Secretary of State in Waiting ivanka trump kuschner.

She was in India recently controlling labor unrest in the sweatshops that produce her fashion-like products and saw vast piles of car tires, and she said to herself, so she has said, “why don’t we just build a place to burn all those natural resources (she is Second in Waiting for Secretary of Interior) and make zoom zoom?”

“Zoom Zoom” is apparently an alternate term for electrical power.

Or it may be an intimate trump/kirshner term.

Sarah the vicious wouldn’t elaborate when asked in today’s press farce.

“Private stuff is …” she said with her usual vigor.

But anyway …

… the thought is that, in addition to the obvious domestic use of the ivanka burner, America can design and fabricate an exportable tire burning power generator that can be sold to African and Middle East countries so that when their various populations take to the streets they can use the tires they burn to generate electric power and fund the opposition – those who are burning tires in the streets.

“Synergy at an unprecedented level for international relations” ivanka was heard to mutter as she boarded Air Force 19 – a Dehaviland Beaver - with a scotch rocks in hand.

“And what a boost to the balance of trade” leaked out later.

Two scotch rocks seem to make everything better.

daddy trump jumped on the concept.

“Brilliant idea”, said donnie this morning; “you can see the brilliance of my intention to replace Rex with ivanka”.

When asked what becomes of the seniors who will lose Social Security benefits, donnie said “if they were decent people they wouldn’t need Social Security”.

Actually he said “fuck em”.

Or maybe that was Sarah the vicious.

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