Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Real Reason Is (Chapter One)

The reason donnie wants massive reduction in immigration, tantamount to eliminating immigration, according to donnie is so that we aren’t overrun with terrorists, rapists and drug lords.

The real reason is, that if we let eleven million who are already here become legal workers with legal paychecks, and let a lot more in every year with legal jobs and legal paychecks there would be a lot of money flowing from those paychecks to Social Security.

That would damage the elimination of Social Security agenda.

It would be harder to make the argument that Social Security is bankrupt with a massive influx of new payments into the fund.

donnie and his agenda-brethren predecessors have done an exceptionally effective job of capturing the entire multi-trillion dollar surplus to date in a “vault full of worthless paper” (their term for United States Treasury Bonds) and they have been hoping to deliver the coup de grace by riding the declining native born work force phenomenon into Social Security oblivion; all those immigrants would make that whole project a lot harder.

I should point out that I have just made up all of this, along with everything in the linked post, above.

Fight shit with shit, I say.

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