Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Morning After The Night Before

One of the advantages - and there are many, including the martini - of not tuning in last night is that I can get a really good idea of all that didn't happen in the Annual Pack Of Lies Speech from this morning's reprise on NPR.

Hearing donnie's damage control squad pretty well sums up what a disaster is continuing to unfold for those of us who thought America used to be great until November 2016.

Unfortunately the squirming remnants of last night's festivities also include one that sounds as if the latest Kennedy isn't going to be the NEXT ONE.

Democrats better find somebody pretty soon or 2018 is going to go again to the Know Nothings.

I am assuming that, since the major takeaway from Kennedy's speech is the question of whether he drooled or not means things weren't at a political optimum.

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