Thursday, January 4, 2018

Genji The Cat

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This is a picture of Genji, a feral cat who lives at out house.

We first saw her about 5 years ago.

She has a crippled left leg, but she can move, jump and go after voles with amazing agility, especially considering that she is three legged.

Because of her leg, when we first knew her, we called her Gympy.

We thought she was quite a handsome orange male cat.

Most orange cats are male.

We had been told.

In 2014 we discovered that she was really a girl.

Five kittens were proof of that fact.

We captured them and her and got her to a vet for shots, neutering and chipping – the vet said the leg was unsalvageable – and we adopted three of the kittens.

LAPS - an Island animal shelter/halfway house - got the other two good homes.

Genji still shows up most days for breakfast, and sometimes for dinner.

She still won’t let us get near her, but she does at least seem to look upon us as arms length benefactors.

Which feels sort of like friendship.

But as the years pass and she gets older and the winters seem – even to me, who also keeps getting older – to be colder, we worry about her.

But she is a wild animal.

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