Thursday, August 22, 2019

donnie And The Launch Codes: A Disturbing Situation

Something I never knew until the advent of the donnie debacle is that there is nothing standing between a President and nuclear war; only the strength of the President’s moral code, intelligence, world view and sanity enter into the decision to launch; if a President decides to launch there is nothing to stop him.

Of course, although true, the above statement may not be totally accurate: the President doesn’t have access to the actual “buttons” that get pushed; hired help do that; and there is a hierarchy in the hired help; it would be technically possible that the hired help could countermand a Presidential order to launch.

I find no solace in that; since donnie lacks anything resembling moral code, intelligence, world view or sanity, there is nothing between us and the inferno.

As donnie ramps up his “I am the crazy uncle” act this week, I keep wondering which comes first: nuclear oblivion or Article 25.

I hope it’s the latter.

At least if it turns out to be the former, all the woes of climate change will be forgotten.

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